Alicia A. Russo

Alicia A. Russo

Partner, New York

Having spent over a decade doing academic research in the medical field, Alicia Russo has a strong passion for technology and brings a deep understanding to the highly technical matters she works on. Her peers refer to her as exceptionally creative and insightful. Her passion for technology and her creativity translate into favorable results. Alicia has significant experience in intellectual property due diligence and licensing associated with high profile acquisitions and is the lead of the firm’s due diligence practice. She has successfully represented clients in complex patent litigation and contested proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In addition, she has successfully secured patents for clients in numerous technical fields, including the medical and energy fields. She also acts as an ardent representative for clients abroad in foreign patent litigation, oppositions, invalidation proceedings and patent prosecution and has a unique understanding of intellectual property considerations across the globe critical for assisting clients in developing consistent worldwide strategies. In addition to having experience and a strong understanding in the medical field, including biologics and small molecule pharmaceuticals, Alicia has significant experience in the fields of energy, fiber technology, building materials, biotechnology, and bioinformatics.

Ms. Russo’s scientific career resulted in numerous publications in noteworthy scientific journals, such as Science, Nature, Cell and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, with articles featured on the cover of both Nature and Cell. She is also extensively published in the legal field.

Scientific Publications
"Kinetic Basis for Activiation of CDK2/cyclin A by Phosphorylation,” J Biol Chem. January 2001

“In vivo Function of HSP90 is Dependent on ATP Binding and ATP Hydrolysis” J Cell Biol November 1998

“Structural Basis for Inhibition of the Cyclin-dependent Kinase Cdk6 by the Tumor Suppressor p16INK4a” Nature September 1998

“Human and Yeast Cdk-activating Kinases (CAKs) Display Distinct Substrate Specificities” Mol Biol Cell September 1998

"Critical Role for the 310 Helix Region of p57(Kip2) in Cyclin-dependent Kinase 2 inhibition and Growth Suppression” J Biol Cell June 1998

“Structure of the Retinoblastoma Tumour-suppressor pocket domain bound to a peptide from HPV E7” Nature 1998

“Crystal Structure of an Hsp-90-geldanamycin Complex: Targeting of a Protein Chaperone by an Antitumor Agent” Cell April 1997 (cover article)

“Structural Basis of Cyclin-dependent Kinase Activation by Phosphorylation” Nat Struct Biol. August 1997

“Purification and Reconstitution of Cyclin-dependent Kinase 2 in Four States of Activity” Methods Enzymol. 1997

“Crystal Structure of the p27Kip1 Cycline-dependent-kinase Inhibitor Bound to the Cyclin A-Cdk2 Complex” Nature 1996

“Mechanism of CDK Activation Revealed by the Structure of a Cyclin A-Cdk2 Complex” Nature July 1995 (cover article)

“The Role of the 70 kDa Subunit of Human DNA Polymerase Alpha in DNA Replication” EMBO J December 1993

“The Fission Yeast cdc18+ Gene Product Couples S Phase to START and Mitosis” Cell July 1993

“Mechanism of Activation of Simian Virus 40 DNA Replication by Protein Phosphatase 2A” Mol Cell Bio November 1992

“Initiation of SV40 DNA Replication: Mechanism and Control” Cold Spring Harbor Symp Quant Biol 1991

Case Highlight

Back to back wins in Gilead interferences:

Alicia was instrumental in securing back to back wins for Gilead in two high profile interferences before the United States Patent and Trademark Office relating to Gilead’s blockbuster HCV drug, Sovaldi®. First, on January 29, 2014, Fitzpatrick successfully obtained a judgment on behalf of client Gilead in a patent interference against Idenix, relating to nucleoside analogs for treating HCV in which the Board held that Idenix failed to prove prior conception and further that, even if Idenix were the first to conceive, Idenix failed to prove diligence, thereby precluding an award of priority to Idenix. Gilead’s involved patent covers the active metabolite ofSovaldi®. Then, on March 23, 2015, Fitzpatrick again successfully obtained a judgment on behalf of Gilead in a second patent interference against Idenix. This interference related to methods for treating HCV infection using nucleoside analogs. In an earlier motions decision, Fitzpatrick was successful in having all of Idenix’s involved patent claims held unpatentable. As junior party, it was Idenix’s burden to demonstrate in the priority phase that it was first to invent. Idenix elected not to file a priority motion, resulting in entry of judgment against Idenix and cancellation of all of Idenix’s involved claims.

What Others Say
  • “John Murnane and Alicia Russo have unparalleled industry knowledge and develop expertise regarding their clients’ product lines very quickly. They commit to a schedule and work hard and efficiently, handling all matters promptly and excellently. Their guidance is invaluable. [Alicia] makes her first appearance in the IAM Patent 1000 this year and is seen to be one of the sector’s most promising up and comers.” (IAM Patent 1000, 2018)


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