Daniel S. Glueck

Daniel S. Glueck

Partner, Washington DC

Dan’s practice is focused on patent prosecution and patent interferences in the electrical, optical, and chemical arts. He has worked with a wide variety of technologies including lenses, catadioptric optics, diffraction gratings, waveguides, autofocus, cameras, digital image processing including JPEG and MPEG, mask alignment, liquid crystal displays, electrophotography, inkjet printing, computer software and networking with a particular emphasis on TCP/IP networking, television, satellite communications, personal care products, materials science, organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and pharmaceuticals.

In the area of patent prosecution, Dan directs his efforts to conducting Examiner interviews and has years of extensive experience with all aspects of patent interferences, including preliminary motions, declarations, depositions, discovery, oral argument, petitions, settlement, and Federal Circuit appellate practice. Opinion work is yet another aspect of his practice. Prior to embarking on his legal career, Dan was a network software engineer at Data General Corporation, and he is familiar with a wide variety of computer languages.

Case Highlight
Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al. v. Gilead Pharmasset LLC
P.T.A.B. (2014)

Team member representing Gilead in a patent interference against Idenix, relating to nucleoside analogs for treating HCV. In an earlier decision, Fitzpatrick was successful in obtaining senior party status for Gilead in the interference. As junior party, it was Idenix’s burden to demonstrate it was the first to conceive and first to reduce to practice the subject matter of the interference or first to conceive and last to reduce to practice, coupled with diligence.