Jason M. Okun

Jason M. Okun

Partner, New York

Jason Okun helps his clients solve problems efficiently, effectively, and creatively. He derives a great deal of satisfaction from every day client interactions and counseling.

In addition to client counseling, Jason has extensive experience in all aspects of patent prosecution, including complex prosecution, and has prosecuted hundreds of patent applications. Likewise, he has extensive experience in patent portfolio strategy and world-wide patent portfolio management, opinions, and due diligence.

Another area of Jason’s practice is focused on obtaining patent term extensions based upon regulatory review. He has prepared and filed many patent term extension applications, and clients have turned to him for patent term extension help for products that were expected to become blockbusters.

Jason has worked in many different technology fields including chemicals and chemical processes, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, optics, semiconductor materials, optical data recording, liquid crystal display devices, fuel cells, diffraction gratings and methods for their production, pollution remediation methods and devices, biotech arrays, and imaging contrast dyes.

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