Stephen K. Sullivan

Stephen K. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Partner, New York

Dr. Stephen Sullivan has extensive experience working on intellectual property matters in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry. His current practice comprises all aspects of intellectual property, including transaction due diligence, patent procurement, interference, opinion work, and patent litigation. His experience includes: preparation of new patent applications; amendment practice; prior art searches and analysis; patentability, validity, and freedom-to-operate opinions; licensing agreements; investigations into inventorship and third-party rights; portfolio design and management; and technology acquisition evaluation.

Steve’s technical experience includes: antibodies (chimeric, humanized, human); anti-cancer therapies; Parkinson's disease; Alzheimer's disease; xenotransplantation; gene therapy; bioinformatics; high-throughput drug discovery; drug delivery systems; biomedical diagnostics; enzyme replacement therapies; hairpin oligonucleotides; viral genomes and anti-viral drugs; signal transduction; recombinant DNA; gene patents; EST libraries; stem cells; transgenic plants and animals; carbohydrate chemistry and drugs; nutraceuticals; pain therapeutics; medical devices; lysosomal storage diseases; small molecule therapies; gene chips; protein chips; and structural biology.

Prior to his legal career, Steve trained under an NIH postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University, where he pioneered combining the disciplines of electrophysiology and molecular biology for the investigation of fluid secretion. Steve later joined the research faculty at Columbia University and, as a principal investigator, trained students, planned and performed research, participated in workshops and symposia, and reviewed manuscripts for several scientific journals. He has also served as a guest investigator and a member of the adjunct faculty at The Rockefeller University.