First Year Associates

First Year Associates

Although the majority of our first year associates are hired through our Summer Associate Program, we also interview third year students for our incoming first year class.

The Interview Process

We encourage third year law students to sign up for their school’s on-campus interview program. If we do not interview at your school, or you are unable to secure a slot, please send your resume, transcripts and writing sample to our Director of Recruiting.

The Interview Process

After the initial screening on campus, qualified candidates are invited in for a call back interview. We offer four interview slots per day – two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Morning slots allow the candidate to meet with three to four partners, followed by lunch with two associates. Afternoon interviews permit the candidate to meet three partners and one associate.

Each one-on-one interview is scheduled for 30 minutes, and lunches range from 1½ – 2 hours. Interview schedules are typically arranged five days prior to one’s interview, although they can be arranged more quickly when necessary. Please keep in mind that interview schedules may change at any time. We make every effort to schedule candidates to meet with attorneys who practice in the specialty areas of the candidate’s interest, allowing them to learn as much as possible about that specific practice area and the work involved.

After the interview, and once the file is complete (all transcripts and a writing sample have been received), the Recruiting Committee will make a decision quickly, typically within a week or two.

Professional Development and Training

Fitzpatrick’s Professional Development Committee (PDC) has three main functions – associate training, mentoring and conducting associate reviews.

Our litigation, prosecution and trademark practice groups offer a yearlong training program for our associates. The programs are taught by our own partners and associates as well as outside experts, such as the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).  In addition, we require every new associate to attend an annual in-house writing workshop. Our in-house courses are certified for MCLE credit, so attorneys can meet their CLE requirements.  However, the most important element of training is everyday one-on-one dialogue between partners and associates.

Our mentoring program allows each associate to select a partner mentor. It is the mentor’s responsibility to follow-up with each mentee once a month through lunch or office meetings. It is the responsibility of the associate/mentee to keep the lines of communication open and to address any questions and/or problems with his or her mentor.

Associate reviews are conducted once a year.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary & Bonus? The starting salary for first year associates is commensurate with the top firms in New York and across the country.  Year-end bonuses are at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Partnership Consideration? Partnership is based on individual merit. There are no organizational barriers or arbitrary time periods before an associate can be considered for partnership.

Alternative Work Schedules? Decided on a case-by-case basis. Currently, we have several part-time lawyers.

Pro Bono? The firm encourages all lawyers to participate in pro bono activities and provides support through the use of firm facilities and staff. We are sponsors of the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest and the Lawyers Alliance for New York. We also participate in the Volunteer Attorneys Program of the office of the Appellate Defender, handling criminal appeals on behalf of individual defendants, as well as the City of New York Law Department’s Public Service Program, representing the City in civil cases. Associates are given full “billable hour” credit for their pro bono work.

Comprehensive Benefits

Medical coverage
Life Insurance
401 (k) retirement savings plan
Maternity Leave

Other Benefits

Bar review course and bar exam fees
Patent bar review course and exam fees
Bar Association dues
CLE seminar tuitions
Four weeks paid vacation
Associate Referral Program
Employee Assistance Program
TransitCheck Program


The Firm has a membership with the Practicing Law Institute (PLI) that allows all New York attorneys to attend any PLI courses for no additional charge. We purchased the membership to provide a convenient and cost-effective vehicle for attorneys to fulfill their CLE requirements. Other CLE courses may also be paid for by the Firm, on a case-by-case basis.

Each attorney is responsible to ensure he or she is in compliance with the MCLE requirements. Each attorney is also responsible to maintain his or her own records.