Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation

Polymorphism & Crystallization Forum 2004: Science, Technology & Intellectual Property
April 26, 2004

Henry Renk and Bill Solander participated in the Center for Pharmaceutical Training’s 2004 Polymorphism & Crystallization Forum 2004, held April 26th – 28th in Princeton, NJ. On Monday, April 26th, Henry Renk presented a 3-hour workshop on the “Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation”. This workshop provided a comprehensive, best practices overview on pharmaceutical litigation, including a discussion of important cases and trends from recent pharmaceutical cases decided over the last several years. On April 28th, Bill Solander spoke on the “Best Practices for Litigating Polymorph Patent Cases”. Mr. Solander’s presentation provided a historical perspective on cases involving polymorph patents and discussed the litigation of a polymorph patent infringement suit from beginning to end, in the context of both Hatch-Waxman and regular patent infringement lawsuits.