Our Values

Our Values
Our Values


We bring rigor and precision to the challenging work we do on behalf of our clients. Our technical acumen plus legal ability result in razor-sharp professional services in a multitude of industries. We are unrivaled in the complex world of intellectual property.


We have a dynamic team of deep thinkers. And, our clients depend on us to apply smart and resourceful solutions to real-world problems.


We listen to our people and respect their opinions, bringing the best ideas to bear in the work that we do. We encourage honest and open dialogue amongst our attorneys and our clients.


Our clients’ business opportunities are complex. But, we make things happen. We have the mettle to take on this demanding work and execute fearlessly.


We play a critical role in helping clients safeguard their intellectual property so that they can be at the top of their competitive game. We consider this role a privilege, and acknowledge that it requires an aggressive, unrelenting commitment on our part.